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A freezer is one of the most common household appliances due to its ability to keep supplies fresh for a long time. That’s people who love to shop for fruits, veggies, meat and milk in bulk don’t mind spending good money on a top quality freezer. In grocery stores and other food businesses, freezers help keep large quantities of food supplies fresh till these supplies can be bought by clients. These appliances are also useful in keeping medical supplies, blood, and other fluids in good condition for use in hospitals. Due to the nature of their use, freezers are almost always running. In fact, a small glitch in the appliance could mean a lot of trouble. Think of all the loss from the spoilage foodstuffs or medical supplies. It’s the reason it’s so important to keep your freezer well maintained at all times. Even more importantly, you need to address freezer glitches at the first sign of trouble.  But what freezer malfunctions should you be looking out for?

The Most Common Freezer Issues that Users Face

Despite the existence of a variety of freezer types and brands in the market today, none of them has a foolproof mechanism for preventing breakdown issues. All electronics eventually do wear and tear and reduced efficiency. Some of the most prevalent issues with broken freezers include;

  • The freezer does not defrost
  • The freezer becomes too cold
  • Water leaks from the freezer
  • The appliance takes too much time to cool
  • A broken freezer door
  • The freezer makes too much noise when in operation
  • The freezer does not work at all
  • There’s faulty electrical wiring

All of the issues mentioned above and others not in the list need to be addressed right away. Any negligence of seemingly small issues will translate to the loss of hundreds of dollars’ worth of food and medicine. Additionally, when the freezer is producing a loud whirring noise, it affects the ambience of either your household or business premise. Keep in mind that the faster you can deal with these defects, the better your chances of preventing them from escalating. The great news is that there’s always something you can do to restore normalcy.

What to Do When Your Freezer Malfunctions

Generally, you have two options. You can choose to buy a new freezer to replace the broken one, or you can contact experienced freezer repair experts to repair it. Replacing the freezer may set you back hundreds of dollars because many freezers do not come cheap. Repairs, on the other hand, are much more economical and in most cases faster. You can count on us at Pasadena Appliance Repair to restore your freezer to full functionality within just a short time.

Why Choose Us?

We have established ourselves as a leading appliance repair service providers in the region because of our capacity to provide premium repair services at the most affordable rates. Our EPA certified team of technicians have decades of experience in the repair and maintenance of a wide array of commercial and household appliances. Regardless of how bad the situation seems, you can count on us to fix it. Our service delivery is a cut above any other appliance repair company in the region. We have a same-day service policy that we love to stick to. As soon as you reach out to us with a request for service, we get moving right away. We’ll have a competent technician on their way to your doorstep within moments. Our technician first thoroughly inspects your freezer to establish the cause of the malfunction. We then decide on a lasting solution for the problem and give you an upfront estimate of the repair cost. Should you give us the go-ahead, we get to work right away. Within just a short while, your freezer should be working perfectly. We always make sure that any replacement parts used in the job are top quality and factory approved. We are committed to making sure that our clients’ appliances get only the best. Our exceptional professionalism will make you glad you reached out to us in the first place.

The Brands We Handle

Our repair technicians have vast experience in handling many models of freezers. Some of the brands we can handle include Thermador, Viking, Samsung, KitchenAid, Westinghouse, GE, Electrolux, LG, DCS, Wolf, Kenmore, Whirlpool and Subzero.

We are happy to provide appliance maintenance services too. You can reach us 24/7, all year round.

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