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ice maker repairIce makers are among the most useful appliances, especially during the summer when a lot of people prefer icy cold beverages. These machines can make ice flakes, ice nuggets and also ice cubes depending on the model you own. During special celebrations when you need substantial amounts of ice to keep your guests well supplied with ice, ice makers come in very handy. The appliances also make the ideal accessories for home bars, as well as in office break rooms. Outside the home and the office, the machines are used in food businesses that sell lots of beverages or need to display salads, as well as nightclubs and motels. And if you enjoy camping or the occasional American road trip, then a portable ice maker can make a great companion. With all its applications, it’s only natural that you’d want your ice maker to stay in good condition for as long as possible. A great way to do so is by preventing ice machine defects or addressing them at the first sign of trouble. But what are some of the common ice maker defects you need to be looking out for?

Top Ice Maker Malfunction

An ice maker, just like any other household or commercial appliance, can occasionally have faults. Some of these faults include:

  • The ice maker refuses to start at all
  • Sometimes the appliance produces little or no ice
  • The icemaker becomes frozen
  • The machine is leaking water
  • The ice that is generated by the device has an unpleasant smell.
  • The ice produced tastes bad
  • The door of the machine is broken
  • The control board of the ice maker machine is not working
  • The ice maker starts and then stops suddenly
  • The ice produced is partially discolored

It is paramount to act immediately when you identify any of the above defects. Keep in mind that most ice maker defects can rapidly get worse when not dealt with right away. The ice maker will not be of use to you if it does not produce ice or worse produces ice with an unpleasant taste or smell.

How to Deal With Ice Maker Malfunctions

There are two main solutions when dealing with ice maker problems. You may choose to either buy a brand new ice maker or repair your faulty one. As you probably already know, a top of the line ice maker machine does not come cheap. You don’t want to spend several hundred dollars every time your ice maker is defective. It is very economical to repair the machine instead. Once you choose to fix your ice maker, it is crucial that you look for a reliable appliance repair company. You can count on us at Pasadena Appliance Repair to help you get your ice maker up and running perfectly once again.

Why choose us?

There’s a reason Pasadena Appliance Repair is still regarded by residents and business owners in the region as the best provider of appliance repair and maintenance services. Our members of staff are vastly competent and qualified. Each of our technicians is EPA certified and can competently conduct repairs on a wide array of commercial and household appliances. No matter how hopeless the situation seems, you can always be sure that we’ll get your ice maker working efficiently once again. We highly value your time and convenience, and we can guarantee that we’ll restore your appliance ASAP. In fact, we have a same-day service policy to ensure that we respond to your request for service the same day you call us. We usually dispatch an experienced technician the same day you reach out to us. Our technician will first assess your defective ice maker and then tell you what needs to be done. The technician will then tell you the cost of repair even before he/she starts to repair. The reason we do this is because we want you to be assured that there won’t be any surprise expenses on your bill. We only leave your home once your appliance is working perfectly once again. If your ice maker needs any replacement parts, you can be sure that we’ll only use the original, factory-approved options.

Brands We Repair

Our experts have what it takes to repair appliances of all brands including Amana, Viking, Electrolux, LG, True, Thermador, GE, Bosch, Wolf, Kenmore, Samsung, Dacor, Fisher, Sub-Zero, Scotsman, DCS and many more.

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