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washer repair

Doing laundry without a functional washer can be, without a doubt, one of the most daunting tasks. This appliance is so critical that when it breaks down, it can easily disrupt the normal laundry schedule of your family, allowing dirty linen to pile up quickly. Many households have school-going children who require a change of clean clothes every day and adults of working age with similar needs. For this reason, the washing machine is very common in most households, and when it malfunctions, the whole family suffers.

Additionally, washers can be used alongside dryers in commercial laundry rooms to generate revenue. In the event a commercial washing machine becomes defective, the proprietor of the laundry stands to suffer massive losses, since most customers may seek services of other laundry room operators. Despite the longevity of most washers, it is advisable to remedy even the slightest malfunctions as quickly as possible. That’s because these defects do not just stand to inconvenience your routine, but can also escalate and cost a fortune in repairs. What are the most recurrent washer defects that you should expect when your appliance gets old?

Top Washer Defects to Look Out For

There is a wide variety of washers in our households, and some of them may be more durable than others. However, there are defects that affect freezers of almost all brands. Some of these malfunctions include:

  • The washer will not start at all
  • The machine is too noisy when operational
  • The washer does not drain effectively
  • The appliance leaks water
  • The washer does not dispense enough detergent
  • A foul smell emanating from the washer
  • The machine does not complete cycles
  • The machine shakes when running
  • Some clothes become torn during laundry
  • The washer does not spin even after turning on

Once you’ve become aware of these defects, it helps to address them right away. In many cases, the washing machine is rendered useless after the defect. You are then forced to either wash your clothes by hand or take them to the laundromat. If you run a laundry business, a faulty washing machine affects your business and could lose you revenue. But even when the washer can still work in spite of the defect, the fact that it’s noisy or leaky can be quite disruptive. Fortunately, there’s always something you can do to remedy the situation.

What Should You Do To Restore Your Washer?

The challenges posed by a broken washer can be overcome by deciding between acquiring a new machine and requesting for the help of trained washer repair experts. Replacing the appliance is a capital-intensive venture and could set you back a tidy amount of money. To avoid that, simply find a reputable washer repair expert who can fix your washer and restore it to full functionality. For a fraction of the money, our experts at Pasadena Appliance Repair can fix the glitches that make your machine ineffective.

Why Choose Us?

Every member of our experienced repair team works towards maintaining our reputation as the leading repair service providers in our region. We offer quality, and that is why every single expert we send to your doorstep has EPA certification and is capable of troubleshooting your washer and fixing it promptly. Our customer service is unparalleled. Once you place your call to our front desk, we send an experienced technician to your doorstep to help you out. We always assess your washer first to determine the best solution for the problem. Additionally, we will provide you with an upfront estimate of the repair costs to shield you from any surprises along the way. Moreover, we will replace any faulty parts with only quality spare parts to inject a few more years into your appliance’s functional lifespan. Our rates are the friendliest in the region as you’ll find out when paying the repair bill. Once we’ve gotten your appliance working perfectly once again, we’ll tidy up the area. You’ll be glad you chose Pasadena Appliance Repair as your trusted partner.

The Brands We Can Fix

Over the years, Pasadena Appliance Repair experts have dealt with all the top brands. Some of the washing machines our repair experts have fixed include SEARS, Thermador, Viking, Caloric, Samsung, Hotpoint KitchenAid, American standard, Westinghouse, Maytag, Electrolux, Bryant,  LG, Coleman, PAYNE, Wolf, Rheem, Dacor, Kenmore, Whirlpool, Trane, Frigidaire and Subzero.

You can always expect feedback from us, so, place that call to our front desk. Our lines are open 24/7.

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